Goat Mania – Time To Spread The Love and Thin The Herd (Part I)

Does everybody know that High Point Farms has goats?….Maybe best to ask “Who doesn’t already know that High Point Farms has goats?”

It certainly isn’t our brides.            (Bride Makensie by Jenn Blackburn Photography)

It surely isn’t the groom either.    (Groom – Shot….by Innamorata Photography)

I am positive that it isn’t even the bridesmaids.                                  (R Chavez Photography)

Pretty sure that all of our flower girls know we have goats.

And I even feel confident that all of the wedding guests also know that we have goats.

In fact, pretty much any visitor to the farm knows we have goats.  It is just part of the farm experience to come and enjoy our goats.  My grandchildren are always carrying around a goat or feeding a goat.

Our goats are more like puppies dogs of sorts.  I can shout out a good ole’ “holler” and they will come a-running from all corners of the pasture.  They love people and just assume that guests are going to feed them a cracker or take their picture.  They have become our mascots of sorts.

And if crackers are not available…..a beautiful brides’ bouquet will do just fine.

Many of our brides make a point of asking us if they can take a “goat picture” after the ceremony.  We threw out the “Wedding Day Guide by Martha Stewart” manual a long time ago and I am sure that having a goat picture is indeed an unusual phenomenon but we are just unique in that way.



(Rachel and Brad – Erin Morrison Photography)

One of our favorite all time photos is this one (a BIG shout out to our bride, Sarah/2013 by Everything Lovely Photography)

and we have this on a canvas in our barn lounge and we get so many enthusiastic comments from it.  It is truly a one-of-a-kind photo….and may I dare to say “ground-breaking” in its day….but many of our current brides love the idea of having their own “goat kiss” photo.     (Jessie by Krista Hargrove Photography)

(Bride Jen with photographer, Nathan Baerreis Photography)

Some grooms are all about being in this goat picture as well….it isn’t just a bride-thing!   (Daniele and Amit by R. Chavez Photo)

(Abbey and her new husband, Sam…a goat whisperer in his own right by Daisy Moffatt Photography)

(Klifford – Nathan M. Bivens Photography)

We often joke to the bride and groom (just about the time that the photographer is snapping the photo) that “This is your ‘first kid’ picture – LOL!”           (Meredith and Cody by Mile Marker Images)

And I will admit that sometimes……we will have a groom who just doesn’t get it……who tolerates the photo but you can just tell he doesn’t understand the goat-mania….but kudos to them for being so willing to indulge their new bride!    (Stephanie and Casey by Bri Sanders Photography)

And we do have a few grooms’ who are pure jokesters with the whole “goat thing.”

And often the groom just needs to have a little heart to heart talk with the goats….to offset that twinge of jealousy that he has to stave off when his new bride is caught swooning over the goats!

(Amit – R. Chavez Photography)


And then there is that one in a hundred bride………..matched up with that talented photographer that is able to turn the whole goat-love mania into a pure work of art…..like this one (Kudos to 2016 bride Jo with her photographer J. Blanche Photography).

This was one of my favorite photos of 2016.  It is one of those amazing photos that shows this beautiful bride in this amazingly girly bridal gown virtually sitting in the long grasses on our tree tunnel cuddling this adorable young goat and it just is stunning.

Some of our brides want their goat picture but seem to know that it is one of those ‘outside the box’ photos that they have asked their photographer to take.

And some seem to pull off the photo as perfectly natural….embracing the farm-esque feel of High Point Farms which marries the whole elegance of a wedding with the rustic nature of the barn and farm…i.e. rustic chic.

(Bride Madeline photo by Viktoriya Evich Krudu Photography)

And granted – some are tickled best when the goats are not in their arms….but beside them.  (Imago Photography with Beth and John)

and some who just love them as purely backdrop….and that is okay….because they are beautiful backdrop.

(Dan and Crystal with John Shim Photography)

and of course…..we do have brides who aren’t so much into our goats and love us for all of the other hundred reasons – and that is okay too.


Then once again……..we have a unique (and beautiful) bride that comes along with an adventuresome spirit and has a talented and a “anything for the great shot” spirited photographer who want to venture into the fields to be “within the field of goats”….no lack of guts here by the bride…. but oh…..wow…..the results are amazing.  (Kudos to Amy and Matt with Kelly Berry Photography)

So you can easily see why our goats are almost woven into the fabric of our farm.  Our goats that are not milked for cheese or soap production (nor eaten….oh shun the mere thought of that) but are elevated to the title of “Property Managers” and “Guest Entertainment Committee” and such.

And in the hopes that you will be interested in part II – The Rest of the Story as the once famed Paul Harvey use to say on the radio……stay tuned to read Part II about thinning down our herd.

~ Margie