Goat Mania – Thin the Herd (Part II)

Each year we get through our busy wedding season before we broach the subject of “thinning out our goat herd.”  No way around it, this is always a difficult emotional time as we pick and choose who to keep and then who to sell.

Our sweet little goat babies are handled from day one especially by our very own “goat whisperer,” my granddaughter Emma Lou.  She is not quite ready to handle the birthing of the goats, but within a few minutes of them getting dried off and standing – she has them in her arms carrying them around like baby dolls.


And…with all of my grandchildren around – each baby goat gets a name….and always a unique one like Arielle, Spirit, and such….though we often go with themes like flowers; Sweet Pea or Petunia…..or Disney characters….or rhyming names.  I guess you get the idea.  Our goats quickly become our pets….our own little babies.

Nothing is more lovable than a sweet young goat to hold.  Since our babies have been held from day one – they are relaxed and laid back in your arms…no squealing or squirming.

We have quite a unique variety of goats and colors.  I just love the colors that we have been getting this year.  These little twins were so adorable with their silvered ears.

This little tricolored one looks like a mustang so its name is Spirit (from a kids’ movie).


Most of our goats have the long floppy ears – we I always say look more like bunny ears.  It is an irresistible urge to touch those long dangling ears.

But some of them have ears that go straight outward on each side.

So how do we part with them?…By finding good homes for them.  We are always looking for pet homes or “small hobby farm” homes where people are wanting a breeding pair.  Many of you expressed interest in our goats and now is the time to give us a call and inquire.

I am sure that you will have a challenging time as well in choosing but knowing that they came from such a beloved farm with lots of care will make the choices easier…..then you can enjoy your own goats or start your own goat herd.  Which one do you want?

~ Margie