Forgive Me, Father, It Has Been 3 Mos. Since My Last Confession

   This is my first reaction as I sit down to write a new blog entry.  It has been such a long time since the last entry that I feel as though I have dropped the ball a bit.  I have people all the time telling me that they follow my blog – and I am awed and quite grateful.  At some level, the blog is a bit of a confession – maybe a tad of therapy too.  I do hope that you find it informative and yes, just a bit enjoyable too.
   May 6, 2013 was the last blog entry.  May and June were both packed fulled of weddings and ultimately my responsibility lies in doing all we can do to prepare for each wedding that is coming next….so Facebook entries and Blog entries fall lower on my to-do list.  As July rolled around – we take off the month for summer projects and for our vacation.  It was a nice reprieve and food for the soul to be in the North Carolina mountains with all of my family. If I was slow to return phone calls or emails – please forgive…..we actually had no cell or internet service during that week.  They say that it is good for you to set your cell phone aside for a vacation – it is not recommended when you have a aged mother back home, a slew of critters to oversee, and a crew of construction workers finishing up a project….but we survived.

   Speaking of “projects”…..we have completed our summer project: a restroom exclusively for the bridal room.  Up till now – Jill (and family) graciously shared their bathroom with brides for their needs.  One can only imagine how challenging this was to do with having three young children.  So, we have not only added a restroom exclusively to be used by our brides – but we have revamped our Bridal Preparation Room a bit …taking out the Jenny Lind bed, adding some additional seating, and…..I found an awesome Victorian love seat that  is “right at home” beside the cow (look at the pictures before you jump to any conclusions).
   Mirrors, mirrors, and more mirrors – enough for everybody, I think.  The new Powder Room is a beautiful turquoise hue aged to perfection (hopefully).  I found this awesome antique dresser at Sugar Plum Antiques and persuaded my favorite Handy Man (Steve Woodward at Woodward Enterprises) to add the enamelware dishpan as a sink.  He doesn’t even give me the crazy look anymore when I suggest a new project.  I added some color and just the right knobs – and it seems to fit the room just wonderfully.
   I can just imagine what awesome photos some of our expert photographers can do with the bride – and her dress – in this room.  We have accented it with a dash of red to add a bit more pizazz!   Did I need more pizazz?…oh yes….let’s add just a bit!
   I love shopping with my daughter (and partner) Jill.  We are different in some ways – sure – but give us an antique shop or yard sale and we gravitate to the same items almost instantly.  We found this old farmhouse screen door and just knew it would be a good fit for this room.   Make a little privacy curtain out of one of those old vintage tablecloths – well…perfect!
   Finally – a funky shabby chic rag curtain mixing in the turquoise, the red, a bit of vintage patterns, some burlap and lace.  We hope that you love it like we do.  Either way – the toilet is new and works!……so I think you will be quite happy!….and Jill’s kids can pee in their own toilet when they need to – life is good!

   Now that the confession is off of my chest……I can be pondering my next blog.

   Have a blessed day!                        Margie