Food Works Food Review

I warned – I threatened – yep, I did!  Food Works catered for the Sandy wedding last weekend.  What a big production it all was.  They hauled in a huge hot box contraption and even rolled in a smoker type grill to help “finish off” some of their entrees.  So as I finally made it to the buffet “wagon” right before they were going to break down for the night – I asked them if I could make a plate – to sample their delicacies.

I warned them that it had to be awesome before I would blog about them….but that I promised that I would sing to the hills if it was delicious.  The staff had no problem in offering me food and felt quite confident that it was going to meet with my high expectations.  I am not a gourmet connoisseur but I do sample most of the food that comes here to the farm – partly out of necessity after a long days work and partly out of obligation to make sure that our Vendor Suggestion Page is kept pure and legit.  The staff has to be professional – capable – and respect our property.  The food and its presentation has to dazzle visually but ultimately….food needs to delight…..Am I right?….or am I right?

Well – I now wish that I had taken a photo of my plate.  Prime rib, cheesy grits and shrimp, and asparagus….a wonderful menu selection by our bride -for sure.  Prime rib was tender – tasty – pink as it should be without looking raw – and served at a proper temperature.  Cheesy grits and shrimp – delightful and the asparagus still had a touch of crunch to it but sauteed to taste.  Too tasty not to sing about here on the blog….and actually…..quite a feat that at the very end of the line and towards the end of the day that the food still was as delicious as it should be.  Food Works was determined to produce a memorable gourmet feast….and they succeeded.  Guests were free with their comments of how impressed they were with the food in our non-restaurant environment.  We do allow our brides to choose their vendors but our recommendations are to use our resources with our vendor suggestions.  Food Works is on our list and in fact, they even partnered with us this year with the Hawthorne Publication brochure. (Thank you Food Works!) They are also a great option for rehearsal dinner dining.  I can verify first hand that they are still up to par and will please your discriminating pallet…..I am quite confident of that.


Now……hum……….wonder which caterer is coming this weekend!  Oh yes – Events With Taste…..another one of our favorites.  My work is never done – LOL!                                                                   ~Margie


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