Follow-Up to the Carly~Michael Wedding in March 2012

  Teaser pictures came early from Soli Photography on the Carly~Michael wedding back in late March.  Those photos just wet your appetite for more.  What I like is how with each quality photographer – they take their own twist of pictures making each bride feel special and each wedding album “uniquely them.” 
  We do feel that the photographers have  alot to work with here at The Barn at High Point Farms.  We have made the effort to walk the line between a total transformation of our barn and a “just cleaned out barn.”  We experienced first hand just how much work it took to have a barn wedding when my daughter Jill back in 2007 wanted to get married here at our family farm and “in the barn.”  At the time – no one else was doing this sort of thing.  I could not easily run to google and see a slew of photos where other brides have done this.  Granted – we were not the first.  The only real pictures that we could locate is the one (I imagine that you all have seen it) is the one with a dark brown barn doorway with large cottony thick curtains draped on each side – with some sort of wheat bunches tied to each stall door as you entered the barn. 
   We had our work cut out for us as we needed to take our barn from a useful working barn full of animals to a no-smell, mucked out, power washed, lights hung,  drapes draped, reception hall.  What a task. We obviously did not take it to the level at which we have today but the basics were there.
   We wanted to bring the barn to a level where the bride had little to fret over. She could think of the fun stuff – where exactly to have it; how do I want it arranged; what kind of table linens and table toppers; a sign in table or the haywagon?; a banner or a chandelier: food; and what fun add-ons. 
    There are several barnish type venues within 100 miles of us and because of who we are and our farm and our dreams – we are different than all of the others in various ways. In some regards, they are not even our competition.  We just have found our niche – our look and take us or leave us – we are a rather unique sort of place. We just seem to suit certain brides.  They know it when they see our website – it is almost instant that they know this is the place.  Our barn isn’t bigger and fancier than others.  Our grasses do have weeds in them (oops – should I confess that?).  Our horses do not have pedigrees.  Our old farmhouse in not a Southern plantation estate.  But our barn wood is old and weather – not metal siding.  Our barn was a real barn that once had animals, hay, saddles, hay wagons, and tractors stored in it – no expensive carriages were every parked here.  Our old farmhouse is a real old house – oh, the stories that she could tell if she could. The farm lives today with four generations and I guess – I will put up “our views” against any of the other locations – we will stand on that one for sure. High Point stands tall from the surrounding areas and our view shed is spectacular from any angle.  Most of our photo opportunities are nature given
   We have carefully decorated our farm with vintage knicknacks and antiques – a few wonderful etsy finds and had fun at bringing to a very believable and acceptable level for your guests and you.  We are still a barn so there is always sweeping and dusting to be done. There is shavings on the floor. There are birds that fly through. There are boards that need re-nailing.  But at the end of the day – we hope to present a very comfortable and beautiful “real” barn and farm – full of photo opportunities for your wedding ceremony and the pictures to follow.  A place where your guests will feel at home and love meandering about checking out our garden, our animals, and our grounds.  We hope that you kinda feel like you have just had your wedding at Grandma’s Farm.
   So, without going on – let me show you a few more beautiful pictures (those photo opportunities that I mentioned earlier) that Soli Photography produced for the Carly~Michael wedding.  They are stunning. I am honored to post them.  Can you picture yourself in these photos?……..ah, when I was a young bride – it would’ve been heavenly to be in them!
Margie Gardner/The Barn at High Point Farms