Foggy Mornings in March

    The days have been especially warm this spring  which has made the grass turn green earlier than usual….you know – that almost neon color that you can only see early in the spring? One of the neat things about living out in the country – even as close to Chattanooga as we are – is the fact that once the moon pops out – this place just settles down into a very quiet and peaceful place. Silence is golden in case you thought it was just a song!  The stars peep out – the moon comes up over the  eastern ridge from the barn….and there is just a calm that takes over.  If you are indeed fortunately enough to come on a clear night – you would be amazed at how many stars are actually in the sky. It is a grand place to watch meteor shows….or just grab a lounge chair and set it out flat in the middle of the field and just soak it all in. 
    Anyway – morning is also like this.  When I say morning – you know – “dawn.”  that is very very early. The fog often comes in and rest in the pastures and fields – I suppose partly because we have the Chattanooga creek running through the property. Jill took some early morning photos that I wanted to share with you so that you can kick your senses into gear and feel what I am talking about. Part of the fun of watching all of your weddings take place out here is that I can just see that the guests are at ease – having fun – taking in the sights and sounds of being in the country. Kids being able to romp and play……older folks enjoying the garden and the reminiscing of memories from their past….and the rest – just enjoying being out of the hectic hustle and bustle of our chaotic society.  Anyway….enjoy these photos and dream about your next visit here at High Point Farms.

Margie Gardner

P.S.  I would love to hear from all of you blog readers…..I relish comments – good ones of course!

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