Farm Flowers For Your Wedding

Anyone who comes to the farm always notices our wide variety of flowers that we have virtually everywhere.  It is just part of the ambiance and flavor of the farm.  We are blessed with much natural beauty but nothing says “old homeplace” like flower beds everywhere with heirloom flowers, vibrant perennials, variety of herbs, wildflowers, and our favorite annuals.

Jill and I came by our green thumbs legitimately.  My grandmother “Maw” (Amy Blankenship Long) was known for her East Ridge yard that was a showcase (on Frawley Road towards Camp Jordan).  She had flowers galore with a row of gorgeous roses along the road front but always something blooming somewhere all growing season.  She had a huge garden too.  Everything was immaculate – a full time job that my Papa helped to keep.  Many of the flowers and bushes around our farm actually came from plantings or cuttings from Maw and Papa’s yard.  My mother was a flower guru as all of her family and friends can attest.  I am that way and, for sure, Jill has that gene running crazy through her as well.  It does require a lot of time, effort, and love but it is in our blood and we fancy all of the memories and eye candy that our flowers give us.

Even beyond our flower beds, gardens, and raised beds – our hayfield and extended property puts on a display of wildflowers.  The hayfield by late spring looks more like a daisy and Queen Anne’s Lace garden more than it does a hayfield because of the large quantity of flowers that it boasts.  It does make for some beautiful photographs for our brides which is always – priority number one!

We actual handle the decorating for many of our brides each year and now more and more of them are asking for the whole flower scheme to be this wildflower mix – and the thought of “buying local” appeals to them…..and local in this circumstance takes on a new meaning. But incorporating flowers from our farm is very appealing to them.  Whether we infuse some of our flowers and herbs with a few specific purchased flowers – or we go “whole hog” and aim for that fresh garden flower look….we are certainly willing to have that conversation with you to see if it is a good fit.  Even the bouquets that we have agreed to do create (and we are not professional florists by any means)….have a “just gathered” look which is very popular right now.  Even years ago when Jill got married here at the farm – her bouquets had such a colorful mix and each bouquet looked slightly different….it was as if her bridesmaids strolled through the fields and gathered up flowers to form their bouquets….though it was a bit more work than just that, of course.  It was the look that she wished to achieve…..and it did work (pictured here in the middle photo).

To allow us to handle your venue flowers (and even potentially your bouquets)…it does require flexibility.  It is not like you can order a certain flower in May when it doesn’t begin to bloom until July.  You have to be willing to have a mix.  As I stated – we will often buy some bulk flowers and embellish then with our home grown ones to achieve the right look or color scheme.  So if you want have a conversation about that – just shoot us an email.  Like so many other categories – we like to provide ideas and options for our brides…and this is just another unique alternative that you can ponder.                        ~ Margie