Even a DIY Bride Needs Help On Wedding Day

With Pinterest being such a hit with brides and women alike – it is no surprise that many brides handle the decorations for their wedding day with glee.  We see some very pinterest-inspired decor items and I love to see the creativity that comes to the farm.  This is all true of the recent bride Jo who is a very DIY bride in all sorts of ways.  In fact – she makes items occasionally for an Etsy page.  Yet – wedding preparations and the many details required often can consume a bride who has lots on her plate on a normal day…as is the case with Jo.


Jo is a mom and a military bride and as wedding day grew closer and closer – she cried “Uncle!” as she shot me an email inquiring about the possibility of me taking over the decorating and final details of the wedding day.  I rarely say no but it began a conversation as she sent me pictures and details of all of the DIY projects that she had already made and had set and ready for her wedding day.  With many details left to organize and a list of items still needed – it was better for her to pass the baton to me and let me use the precious treasures that she had already created and then for me to fill in the necessary items to produce the final product and to reflect “Jo” in all things.

This allowed Jo to be the bride – the princess for a day – and to allow her family and friends to just enjoy the day too.  Jo has three adorable children who weren’t so ready to allow Jo to be the bride “only” ……..but helpful family pitched in with that too.

Her heart banner was made with care – ready to be hung.  Precious pictures of Jo and Will with their family and througout their love story were sorted and brought.  Colors were decided and a plan was made.  A beautiful spring day with a ceremony under the rustic arbor….blending all things rustic – a touch of burlap – and of course…..turquoise.  With my stash of treasures from one theme to the other, it was easy to pull the whole theme together.  I am a turquoise nut myself so add extra accents was so very doable.  My vintage camera collection adds the hints of camera nostalgia to her polaroid sign in area…..which is always always fun for the guests and then leaves a lasting treasure for the bride.


Mason jars for each guest to claim for the night with chalkboard labels on them is always a cute idea.  The turquoise hutch just helps to display them.  A polaroid station to record each guest makes a delightful keepsake.  Haybale sofas are always a fun way to sit about at the farm and adds that touch of rustic chic to the layout.

Jo had made these darlin’ burlap silverware holders for each table setting.  In fact – she sells these on her Etsy page if you are interested in buying them….I will link it here. She sells them and other items, I hear.  They were adorable and made with care…a touch of lace and a touch of white beading too.  She had collected the turquoise and white gerber daisies and the burlap rosettes.  So…..a few pinterest page views later – we came up with a way to showcase her homemade treasures……looks cute, huh?

military table

One very sincere request from the groom, Will, was for me to create a “Missing Soldier Table” to honor all of the missing and POW soldiers.  We had never had such a thing represented at one of our weddings but what a noble gesture.  Our military knows all too well the cost in friends and in fellow soldiers, the cost of war.  Remembering them – even on a special day as this – was very important to Will.  A google search and pinterest picture gave me the information  needed to represent this just in the right manner.  Each aspect of the table meant certain things.  The framed statement goes over each element of the table and set up and its meaning….what an honor to do this for Will and for our military!

The day was magical and Jo indeed got to be the princess that she wanted – that surely every bride wants for that day.  A day that is as she imagined it but without the pressure, and without the work, and without the fretting.  Jo wrote a very sweet review for me days later.  Reviews are always nice to have and I appreciate them so…but this one indeed was so special.  She thanked me for “letting her be  a princess for a day……and that hiring Margie for Day of Coordinator and decorating for me was the best thing I could have done…”  Wow….what music to my ears!  I can’t control the weather….I can’t solve all behind the scene concerns….but to help facilitate the day….and to help create the vision for her day….and to help make things run smoothly….to help showcase her and her treasures…..to help create a day that will be a wonderful memory for her and all of her family and friends…..and to help make a bride feel so special…..is such a blessing for me to do and when it succeeds – it tops off the long tiring day with a smile on my face and contentment in my heart.

The weather couldn’t have been any better – her friends could not have been more supportive – and her photographer – J. Blanch Photography was able to capture it all so beautifully.  Another successful wedding – yeah!