Each Wedding Never Ceases To Amaze Me!

We tell our brides that we are not a cookie cutter – one size fits all – type venue….and this is true. We pride ourselves in providing some flexibility to their wedding dreams. You can have your ceremony under the grove of trees or in the horse ring or behind the barn overlooking the pasture full of farm animals or in the hayfield underneath the shadow of High Point. You can circle up your tables around a dance area in the middle of the barn or spill out into the lawn. We are a very specific genre – yes – but so far each wedding has been so very unique. Jill and I chatter away after each wedding as we talk about different aspects of each wedding that we liked or ideas that we thought were worthy of adding to our Idea Book. I will say that it pleases us immensely that our brides are able to make their wedding “their own” even within a very specific venue type like The Barn at High Point Farms.
So….as we wait quite impatiently for each couple to forward some of their photographs to us – we find that each wedding never ceases to amaze us – in the way that they not only capture our venue but in how the photographer is able to capture the essence of the couple. We have been very fortunately to have met so many fine photographers and they all have seemed almost giddy to be taking pictures in such a unique location as ours. It is a win win situation – for the photographer who is able to show their more creative side to the bride and groom who can have little works of art to commemorate their special occasion to “us” who are privileged to be able to use and tout these great photographs.
Barn Wedding at High Point Farms

Jenny and Andrew

Our Dog, Bear’s Debut

Vintage Always Works

A great backdrop for a divine commitment