Dontcha’ Just Love Pinterest?

Oh, I am convinced that the world is a different place because of Pinterest.  It not only gives you ideas – but visualizes it for you and often shows you exactly how to do it.  It also gives you the opportunity to tout your own unique ideas.  I do have a pinterest page for The Barn at High Point Farms (be sure to check it out) so I wanted to take this opportunity to showcase some ideas that I want to try somehow this year (for the brides that I may be decorating for)…..or I want some of you DIY brides to try.  Some of these are poses that I am hoping your photographer will try.  So….here it goes.  Now….I do want your feedback on these… let me know which ones “you also like”    okay?


First up – this picture is adorable.  Do you reckon that our pony, Peanut Butter, would handle getting all dolled up for such a pose?


And here is one that I am trying to figure out where I can build me one of these wooden sunbursts.  Isn’t this stunning?


I am all about “all things vintage” and I love this infusion of either silver or gold.  These old vanity mirror trays are so beautiful….they add that touch of gold plus with the mirror on the bottom – it helps to make the various decor items pop.  Even the vintage colored bottles seem to showcase more.  A candle – votives – flowers….it just adds a very elegant and vintage flair.  I do have a small collection of them… hoping that somebody will love it too.  The old silver platters are also beautiful….it is just unique way to add vintage to your table decor items.  I love it when all of the tables don’t look cookie cutter alike….but in theme but slightly different.


Another decorating option is to use wood trays – wood boxes – garden boxes – etc. to hold  your decor….instead of our log rounds.  Do you like any of these ideas?  I love it when you compliment it with doilies ….or moss even and then especially the bits of vintage decor that the last one shows.  Each table would certainly look different than the next one!

Down the ceremony aisle….we have seen a lot more brides using log stumps instead of shepherd’s crooks….and even the brides hanging mason jars off of the edge of the chairs.  Here is another idea – the cute mini tin buckets with pretty ribbon – full of flowers…hanging off the edge of the chairs.


Here are some poses that certainly get your attention.  Which one catches your eye?

But our awesome photographers have made some amazing shots over the years.  Not only are these beautiful – but I like the location or the pose well enough to duplicate at future weddings.


And now more often than in earlier years, we see a craze for staging photo set ups – whether before the wedding or the day of the wedding or just as a promotional photo shoot.  These do require lots of forethought – lots more furniture, props, and accessories and much more time to stage and shoot…but the results is usually quite stunning and magazine worthy.  Here are  a few that catch my eye – both some that we have staged here or one’s that have caught my fancy.

We have added our own fair share of ideas to the pinterest world.  So many of our funky pendents, chandeliers, unique landscaping approaches, decorating quirks, and such have garnered many many “pins.”  Part of our ideas come from being thrifty – from learning to use somehow what we have – and some are pure divine inspiration.

One of the best things about keeping in touch with The Barn at High Point Farms’ pinterest page is not only do you get to see – to visualize some great ideas (mine as well as others that have intrigued me) but that you often get to see how and where to imitate this here at the farm.  And just for the interest of it all – here are three of the pinterest pictures that are continually pinned the most from  my huge pinterest pin collections.

So please leave me your comments for I relish to hear from you.                                                    ~ Margie