Devin and Justin – by Katie Britt Photography

We had several great fall weddings this last year that I had the pleasure of decorating for but I believe that Devin’s wedding was one of my favorites.  Her style was right up my alley and she was a pleasure to work with…..calm, responsive to my emails, no control freak, but just happy to have me handling details and looking forward to a stress free wedding day.

Her photographer, Katie Britt Photography, was new to the farm and she was excited to be here from the moment she set foot on the property to the moment she left.  It is always a contagious excitement when your photographer is oohing and ahhing over every potential shot and angle.  Fortunately her results lived up to the elated hype she exuded – as you will see.

All the stars aligned perfectly that day for Devin.  The weather was warm and the skies clear….an awesome fall day for a wedding.

First…….I love letter.

Then… early reveal.

As gorgeous as they both look kissing on this vintage couch – Devin begged me for a baby goat picture.  As we were scrambling to locate our youngest (and hopefully lightest) baby goat – Jill noticed that our expectant mother goat was missing…a.k.a. oh no…..must be goat birthing time.  A mad dash to the goat barn discovered a very fresh newborn baby goat!  Quick drying skills and off Jill heads back to the grove with this little newbie – all ready for his prime time debut.

Devin was ecstatic….in fact all of the photographers and videographers were too.  I wish I had a video of all of these women swooning over their turn to hold the newborn.  That said…..nothing sweeter than a High Point Farms newborn goat….they are relaxed, soft, floppy eared, love-bugs from the moment they arrive….what’s not to love?  Katie Britt did an amazing job here capturing this tender moment….it is all a crazy phenomenon – the whole bride and baby goat picture thing…but ya know….it just works!

But, alas….guests will be here soon.  The Welcome Table was prepped with a bit of a teacher influence (Devin is an elementary school teacher) mixed with romantic boho.

Ceremony at the rustic arbor.

Picture perfect family

Some family and bridal party photos…….then off we went to hidden places around the farm – photographic gems where the adventuresome are willing to go on pursuit of those amazing photo ops.

They found great corners of the farm….great lighting effects…..great poses.  Not just any bride will risk getting “in the creek” for a photo….but Devin was all for it.  Luckily she found slight rock plateau that kept her nice and dry…..but the effect couldn’t have been cooler than it is.

I am pretty sure Devin stayed dry-footed but not so sure about photographer, Katie.  But – not daunted, we ventured on to more places.


Final shots in the hayfield – just in time for guests to find their seat assignments.

The barn lights always make for a beautiful romantic look in the evening when the lights get to do their thing – put off that warm ambiance that it does.  But with this romantic boho vibe going on… really dressed up the barn and set the tone.

All of the touches of brass, gold mercury, and votives with their tea lights had a soft shimmer to each table.  I love my vintage book collection – they each have such character to them….it adds a vintage flair whether Devin was a teacher or not.

The roses were stunning and nothing like seeded eucalyptus to add that beautiful touch of greenery.

I always give a lot of attention to the sweetheart table….and making it special and romantic was important.  Devin wanted that rich wine burgundy color on her tables….and it even gave me an opportunity to use my crimson glass plates and goblets.

First dance on the stage had the whole barn quiet…………….

Loved abounded on this one………….and it is always a blessing to witness it first hand.

I told Devin she could be a model – she is a natural in front of the camera….though it certainly helps to be happy beyond your imagination.  Kudos to Katie Britt Photography – your photos are amazing….come visit the farm again this year!

~ Margie