Creative Ideas for Your Sign In


   It is amazing to see the many options that a bride of today has versus the bride of thirty years ago.  Options in all areas such as what sort of facility (yes – like a barn!) to what sort of food to provide to what her bridal party wears to whether she even has a wedding cake or not.  This same flexibility goes also to her Sign-In options.  We love seeing the different ideas that are brought here to the farm plus there are many ideas on pinterest too.  The Barn at High Point Farms has a pinterest page where many of these have been pinned for your convenience.  With our unique selection of various vintage or barnwood tables – your cute presentation of whatever you decide can be carried off in country farm style.  Usually our haywagon is selected as an All-In-One Sign In/Gift Table display but again – your choices here are almost endless.
Let me run through a few of my favorites here….and as always…..let this day reflect YOU, the bride – and of course your groom.

   First up is one that we saw recently where they used Jinga game block pieces and permanent markers as sign in.  What a cute idea!  Personalized messages on a game that you will have and enjoy for years to come.
   Next is a slight take off to this idea.  Instead of the Jinga pieces – this bride has ordered wooden jigsaw puzzle pieces for sign in.  A color or a picture could easily be on one side with the signatures and messages on the non-painted side.
   Photo Books are still very popular and makes for a great keep-sake….allowing people to write on all/any of the pages so it feels like a Year Book sign in.
As shown here to the right, a photo canvas is an idea too.  This photo canvas was very artfully done (from Etsy) but you could see how this would be awesome hung up in their first home for years to come.
    Wooden letters are easy to obtain now from Hobby Lobby and Etsy – so a sign in like the one here (left) becomes a great wall hanging later.
   This tree sign-in looks awesome.  Likely something that could be located on Etsy – as all things grand can be found.  This appears to be small individual wood pieces that are either in place and signed – or set to the side to be individually signed and then glued in later.  Again – great presentation and would be a great keepsake for years to come.  Anything rather than a straight sign in book like what used to be traditional….to sit in a box stashed away and only occasionally looked at.  This becomes priceless and art – all in one.
   I slight take off to the above idea, is the finger imprint idea – either on a canvas or as shown here – on a large wooden slab.  This seems to be a fun process for most guests – it does take a bit more time for your guests to work through the line with this sort of option (i.e. reading the instructions, picking a color, stamping, and clean up)….but still a great idea.
   As with most decisions, it is a good idea to figure out if any one of these fits you – your interest – your personality – your hobbies.  We have seen fabric squares set out with various colors of permanent markers for a message/sign in so that a quilt can be made later for the couple.  If you have somebody in your close network who sews – this again would be a great keepsake.  One of our brides was an art hobbyist of sorts. Everyone who knew her was familiar with her decorating talents and overall artistic abilities so when she brought this one of a kind painted canvas for her guests to sign in with – it was so fitting and unique.
   Still interested in more ideas?  Let me  keep going.  These next few ideas follow the same theme.  These are “well-wishes” that will double dose as both a sweet gesture as well as a sign in.
“A message in a bottle” let’s your guests write down a sweet note or even some advice, roll it up, and drop it in a jar or in a “well-wishes bucket.”
    With more and more brides opting for just money either due to their guests coming from far and wide and the logistics of bringing packages not being feasible….or whether they are more interested in collecting money for a “honeymoon fund”…we see where you can set a cute jug to collect the money….or the vintage luggage ideas to collect the cards/checks.  When this is done – a cute sign in to go along with that theme is to find a vintage globe and have your guests sign in on the globe…maybe even suggesting places around the globe that you should select for your honeymoon. We had one wedding where many of the guests had come from far and wide to attend the wedding – so they were instructed to sign in “where they were from” so the globe was dotted all over with signature and arrows.
And if you can actually locate a typewriter (and tape) that works, leaving a message or a “Great Headliner” is a fun activity.
I really love this idea (below) where you would actually combine a photo shot of your guests as they hold up a chalkboard sign with a personalized message.  I can see this stretching the bounds of humor but it would make for a hilarious photo journal to view later.
   One of the best ideas which would mean a fair amount of planning ahead of time is the table sign in below.  When I say “table”, I mean just that….signing-in “onto” the table.  In the picture below – it has already been painted a bit with a heart and names of the bride/groom and maybe the date….and then signatures and well-wishes are marked all over the top of the table…..later to be covered with a bit of shellack to protect it.
   Finally – there is always – always – the option of no sign-in at all…..but – oh so sad to miss a wonderful opportunity to record those family and friends who took out from their time to come to the farm and celebrate with you this most special of all days.
I hope this inspires some ideas and if you have any more of them – please include them below as a “comment”…..I know you all are reading my blogs but to comment is sweet music to my ears….and sharing these with our brides is so very helpful for them.
With sweet goat kisses from the farm to you……….Margie