Can A Wedding Be This Much Fun? (Wedding of Megan and Nate by Nathan M. Bivens Photography)

As I looked over the gallery from this wedding, I noticed that there were an abundance of photos showing Megan and Nate in a full throttle belly achin’ laugh.  Who knew that a wedding day could be so much fun?  It takes a special couple to be so at ease – so laid back to handle the chaos of the day – to have such a fun wedding day.

Ceremony in the grove.  Before people – and after people arrive.  What a beautiful backdrop.  The big old pecan tree is so majestic and a grove wedding just feels more intimate somehow.


Now – does this guy look nervous?  Having second thoughts?  Nope.  Nate looks not only calm and collected but almost giddy.  Megan walked gracefully down the aisle but her expression looked more like she was leaping down the aisle to get to Nate.  The preacher did an amazing job of being both personal and sincere….but it was full of quips and humor and made us all feel like we had an inside track to their wonderful love story.



This is one happy couple who are having the time of their life…and who likely live their life much this way!

So…while guests begin to head to the buffet table, off we all went (bride, groom, photographer, and me) to all corners of the farm for some photos ops.  I can’t say enough complimentary things about photographer, Nathan M. Bivens and his talent – his eye for finding that right angle of the sun – and his ability to capture a feeling.  That said….a gorgeous bride makes his job a lot easier…and Nate – well, he is a cutie too, don’t you think?

These are little masterpieces….so stunning.  It isn’t every bride who is willing to tight rope into the creek bed on a little rock island to take a photo….but Megan was up for any challenge.  Any time that the photographer would instruct the couple for a angle where they needed to look at each other….they would follow the instruction but their eyes would light up and you knew that “the look” that they gave each other was real and true.

Our vintage couch has been pictured in many areas around the farm…but I think I might like this one best.  The shade of the tree tunnel keeps the colors nice and rich and the softness of the woodsy feel makes it look as though they are in the middle of the forest – just the two of them.


And of course….you wouldn’t expect just any ordinary “first dance” from this couple….nope, nada.  After a quick wardrobe change up into something more comfortable – Megan and Nate entertained all with a cute dance compilation that they performed with ease.


And to keep things unique – they opted for a “donut tower” filled with a large assortment of donuts.  No wedding cake or cupcakes for them…..and it was a crowd pleaser as well!  They did a ceremonial “cut the donut” and “stuff the donut down your spouses throat” then laughed a good ole belly laugh afterwards!

Photographer Nathan M. Bivens captured a truly amazing photo of the barn that night.  Some voodoo magic with his lens created this spectacular effect which he so graciously shared with me and now it showcases on our website.  Like it?


The rest of the evening was filled with much dancing with a host of happy friends and family.  The laughter continued through sparkler send off.  More smiles and more smiles.


And….as I reflect back and remember the day – I think to myself….(and to you guys)….I think I will bank on this couple having a long and happy marriage full of lots and lots of laughter!