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Bohemian Trend Weddings

Each year I see new wedding trends that begin to take hold.  I see these on the major internet wedding sites, on the pinterest boards, and even here at the farm as brides talk to us about their decorating wishes.  It is always interesting to see these new ideas and how they are implemented from bride to bride.  What I have noticed this winter is more of an interest in the Bohemian trend weddings.  Don’t be surprised if you find some of these ideas appealing and you decide to weave in a couple of them here and there.

bohemian tent

From Pinterest

Bohemian?….you may ask – what is Bohemian.  From my prospective, it is a little bit shabby chic mixed with a hippie-gypsy flair.  Bohemia is located near Germany, Poland, and Austria….it is an actual place and it has a very gypsy-like influence.  It isn’t anything new – it has been around for a long time.  In the 60’s, it morphed into some of what we would say is the hippie look; decorative bands worn around the head or flower crowns in the hair, sandals and barefoot sandals, loosely braided hair with flowers incorporated in it, loose-fitting clothes accompanied by tight-fitting bodice corsets for the ladies, and a mismatch collection of decor usually in bright options.  In a nut-shell, that it is.

bohemian bridePractically speaking – let me go through a few features.  First – the bride.  Even though the original Bohemian philosophy was to avoid fashion – they in essence have created it.  Isn’t that funny how that works?  A typical Bohemian style wedding dress is very sexy – no foo-foo and fluff anywhere.  It is simple in some regards often with a vintage lace and typically tight fitting in the bodice…..somewhat of a simple innocent look – lots of skin showing without being overly racey somehow; off the shoulder, very low in the back, etc.  A flower hair crown is virtually a must – simple or lavish, I see them both. Hair is typically in a very loose and disheveled braid if she has the hair to achieve it – sandals too of course.

benchThe ceremony tends to look much the same as a typical outdoor wedding.  Earthy garlands hanging from the trees or on a pergola.  Strips of lace or material hanging or draping or flowing is always a good thing.  Shepherds crooks are out and log stumps used down the aisle to incorporate that woodsy feel with jars or urns of wildflowers…..or even hang bunches of dried flowers off the side of the chairs (down the aisle) or even a grouping of lantern/log/bottle of flowers.

bohemian table decorNow for table decor.  Color – color – color!  As I stated before – it is actually a version of shabby chic mixed with deep rich colors with that gypsy influence.  Shabby chic is all about mis-match and this is too but with much more intense mix of color.  Shabby chic is typically all soft pastels whereas Bohemian is vibrant colors mixed with the “heirloom lace tablecloth” and mixed with the vintage china.  No burlap. White/ivory tablecloths work still so that they can show off all of the bright colors of the decor.  A variety of colored glass, mercury glass, vintage silver candlesticks or teapots, brass, and even wood stumps or wood boxes all get mixed together with a large variety of flower colors as well.  Table decor is almost crowded with various pieces to infuse as much color as possible.

mismatched colored goblets  colorful glass goblets 

Weddings are suppose to be – and “use to be” events that were created by your family (all 50+ or more), friends, and neighbors even – as they pooled their resources of tablecloths, dinnerware and glassware, candlesticks, blankets to sit on, family heirlooms, items from their Hope Chest, silver teapots, silverware, etc.  This would certainly create a mis-match of items but who cared?  The finest items from each household were borrowed in order to arrange this celebration for the happy couple.  There was no going in debt or borrowing loads of money to host a wedding.  Food was made and brought by all; your preacher performed the ceremony; somebody donated and roasted their own pig; ladies delighted in baking desserts to share; most families had somebody who played an instrument; and likely either your mother made your wedding dress or your borrowed one from a family member or friend.  The day came together as all pitched in. It was a festive occasion for all to have such a community gathering but made the burden easy since it was shared by all.  Most weddings are not quite that way anymore but some are – and I will say that most should be a bit more like that.  If you can’t pull off a wedding this way…maybe you can opt for the look of it.  Embrace the uniqueness of all of these vintage pieces and the colorful atmosphere that it promotes.

Bohemian style wedding


I love all of this mismatched china and even the various mis-matched colored goblets.  You don’t see goblets too much anymore….but if you scrounge around Antique Shops like I do, you can find the beautiful vintage goblets that come in an array of colors.  I have begun a collection of them myself.  I have 50 or so but hope to end up with around 100.  I love love the various colors….deep blues to a blood red to a very emerald green to a gold – even the clear ones are cool because they usually have a different design to them.  So – dig through your grandma’s hope chest, look in the attic, find those quilts and knitted afghans, vintage pillows and such, make a make-shift tent and even borrow a VW bus and ukelele.  Be a little bit of a flower child and go Bohemian for our wedding day.

bohemian tent