Bo and Chandler – by John Shim Photography


Bo and Chandler fit into the category of memorable weddings.  At first glimpse – you can tell right off that they are going to be suited for a magazine layout. But way beyond the visuals – this couple was as genuine and kind-hearted as they come.  They lit up each time they were in each others presence and they seemed to purely enjoy each and every aspect of their special glorious day.

John Shim Photography handled their photo shoot.  He is one of our absolute favorite photographers.  He makes magic happen.  He finds a nook – an angle – an expression – and captures it.  We always look forward to seeing what he produces.  I could fill a book with his “Magazine Worthy” photos from here on the farm.  Proof is in the pudding – let me show you more.


The day was clear and beautiful. The bride at ease and on a timeline.  The flowers and garden were at their peak.  Ready, set, begin.



So many bridesmaids!….but it means a lot of support and friendships.  Those are the treasures of life that we often overlook.  Isn’t this an amazing photo?….The lens, the backdrop, the color of the girls dresses, the flowers, the beautiful bride….it all came together.

The cross as their backdrop was decorated beautifully and looked divine – set the stage for a spiritual ceremony.  They day was full of joy and celebration for all.

This picture shows their early reveal.  A picture of the two of them praying with each other – yet leaving the surprise of the visuals till later.

bo-chandler-1665Does it get any prettier than this?  This pictures makes it look as though they are out in the middle of nowhere – just Bo and Chandler.

The night ends and their exciting future begins in this new phase.  Thanks to John Shim for journaling this day for us  with the visuals.