Blessings From Heaven

The cicadas have finally come and gone. Fortunately our trees and garden were not particularly effected by their once every 13 year ravenous food frenzy. As they departed, a rare drought and heat wave has permeated the south condemning us to two weeks of mid-90’s temperatures and no rainfall.  We were so proud of our beautiful sod area behind the barn that we have been very faithful to set the sprinklers on almost every day to keep it nice and lush but we cannot water the whole farm. Our vegetable garden has suffered a bit and with the heat wave, it was difficult to find the desire to tackle even the weeding.  As we began to prepare for this weekend’s wedding, we began to pray for some much needed rain – if not for ourselves but for a boost of green for our upcoming bride.  The week has been long and hard here on the farm. We had to put down one of my best horses – Passion – after an ankle break a month ago continued to get worse and her health deteriorated. It was a tough day yesterday – very emotional, stressful, and fraught with complicated logistics. On top of the that – we had square bales sitting in the field that needed to be hauled to the barn. But all the tasks were completed last night – and we dropped into bed exhausted. Today we had a farm tour from a girl from Murfreesboro who was tickled pink to find a real barn. We considered her a good luck charm because we got that much needed rain right about the time she showed up. The wind blew and thunder pounded and rain came down in sheets. Jill and the boys and I just stood there on the porch and enjoyed the blessed event – rain – rain from heaven.  Rain that if it had come the day before – would’ve made a very louzy day horrible. But rain today – was truly a special event. It felt like a cleansing of the week’s sadness. It felt like it was brought to us as a special blessing for the upcoming bride to be to make her special day all pretty and cheery.  It is a blessing – the blessing from heaven.