Bedazzling Barn Wedding (Beth and John by Imago Photography)

in hayfield with classic car

Bedazzling yes!….Synonyms like astounding, overwhelming, enchanting, and captivating and other great choices to describe this wedding.  It was certainly an interesting mix of elegance and luxury with a genuine embracing of our simple farm.  I think that combination is what made this wedding of Beth and John so unique.

view of the barn

It was no ordinary day here at the farm.  It felt more like being on location of a movie shoot for a major production.  Trucks of all sizes arrived at each side of the venue.  Organizers, coordinators, decorators, the tent crew, hired helpers, florists, caterers, and more and more consumed all areas of the barn.  Furniture, lights, sound equipment, decor of all sorts, drinks, flowers, pergola, a tent, extra lights, extra curtains and drapes…..all moving in and being directed here and there.  I would say it looked like a Texas two-step with the hustle and bustle of everyone doing something different but in sync with everybody else – organized chaos.

The flowers arrived and let me state – they were stunning.  Bouquets touted a beautiful soft orange/peach but still very earthy in style.  Tables with rustic boxes full of flowers and a decorated pergola outside for the ceremony.  Mayflowers – one of our florist vendors – did an amazing job which is quite typical.  The inside of the barn was transformed with drapes of fabric for each pole morphing the barn poles into regal white columns.

Beth and her girls were  being pampered by hair and make up specialists from SpaGo.  Imago Photography, one of our regulars here at the farm, was capturing each magic moment in a 360 degree access around the farm.  The colors were amazing – Beth’s wedding dress was stunning (I wish I had a very close up shot of the stitching and beading of this dress) and John looked stylish himself!


Choosing quality vendors – professionals – makes such a huge difference.  The prepping for this day certainly was like a three ring circus but these vendors knew their job and were very organized and spot on.  Victoria Love Events (Stephanie) coordinating the event with Libby (Libby Stroup Designs) overseeing the decorating and design details made each area of the venue look picture perfect.  The dancehall was transformed literally into a rustic chic lounge with lots of couches and vintage furniture pieces.  A photo booth dry up in the corner kept the smiles coming.  A band kept music going from beginning to the end.  A nice bonfire with lots of seating and “smores” to delight young and old.


Isn’t this such a cool idea?  “A gift for you to Have & To Hold in case you get cold….Beth and John.”  A pretty display, a practical way to keep your guest warm, and a sweet sweet favor to give to your guests.  Love it!  Pinterest anybody?


The ceremony was under the canopy of trees of the grove facing true north.  It was intimate, respectful and reverent.  With all the fanciful embellishments that made this wedding stand out – it did not take away from the fact that Beth and John embraced the relaxed atmosphere of our farm with its natural beauty yes….but also of our sweet goats.

I love this picture.  It certainly shouts “farm wedding” with the beauty of the natural backdrop plus the horses, goats, and even our dog Bear posing so perfectly for Imago.  Wow – Tim, the photographer, managed to get almost everybody’s attention here.  Even the goats are looking and listening to his commands.  Somehow this all works……elegance and farm.

The goats are just universally loved….how else can you explain it?  It was so good hearted of Beth and John to have their goat pictures…..Sweet Pea seemed smittened as well.

The food was SO delicious.  Prime Rib – yum!  Foodworks astounded us all with their variety of tasties.  The guests dined in and out.  Music by the band “The Communicators” got everybody tapping their toes and heading to the dance floor.

The cakes – won’t forget these anytime soon.  How stunning the bride’s cake looked.  It must’ve been amazing in taste as well as looks because there were no left overs for the “help” at nights end to taste-test…..and if you look real hard….the groom’s cake appears to be a plate full of fried bacon, silverware, and a whiskey shot glass sitting atop a whiskey barrel.  All edible as I hear but what an amazing feat to produce – thanks to The Yellow Cake Company here in Chattanooga…..picturesque and surely gets the unique award for the year.  Congrats to Kenya Brooks.   Gotta include a close up of this groom’s cake for you to admire.

grooms cake close up

I dare guess that this guest list has for the most part never been to a barn wedding… I did not ask, only my assumption.  But….I dare say as well that they were pleasantly surprised at what a wonderful setting this was for a wedding and what a wonderful memorable time they had here at the farm.

Just as the goats are universally loved – I see our farm in that light as well.  The beauty that surrounds our simple farm is nothing short of stunning.  Lookout Mountain sits above us with all of its splendor and at this time of year with all of its colors.  The farm mixes authenticity with history with nature with family…..if nothing else – we are real. There is not only simplicity around every corner but simple beauty as well.

This was a unique wedding in so many ways but on the other hand – a very similar story still.  Two lovebirds choose to come share their most special day with us here on the farm.  Two families and a host of friends anxiously come to support, celebrate, and be witnesses to the love and commitment of Beth and John.  Two people change the course of their lives and begin a new adventure.  A bride and groom forever share a memory and experience with us and our farm.  Dolled up or kept simple – this basic story is what we want to embrace.  Thank you for sharing your day with us!           ~ Margie