Beautiful Inside and Out – By Howell Photography

Yep – some people are just born beautiful and Kara and Chris fit the bill on this statement.  Maybe they were late bloomers though….. or quite possibly they were cutie-patooties from day one!  But for the short period of time that I was around this couple, it was so amazing to feel like they were just as beautiful on the inside as the outside.

It seemed like a perfect day for a wedding.  The grass was green and air crisp and a bounty of smiles on everyone who came early to prepare.

This is the look that a groom wants to see on his sweet bride as she comes down the aisle towards him.  This is the look that a bride wants to see greeting her as she is walking towards him.  Frankly – the look can say it all….and these pictures do an excellent job at capturing that look – don’t you agree?

Howell Photography created a very beautiful and artistic shot below with the wedding rings set beside a vintage tin full of succulents.  I love the colors and details and even the blurring of the background.



And beautiful Kara – our greenhouse never looked so good!