Awesome Wedding – Awesome Couple – Talented Videographers

I have already touted this wedding and their photographer, Blue Vinyl Creative, on an earlier post.  The whole gallery is amazing.  I swear they should be picked up by a wedding magazine – they are both beautiful and gorgeous as the eyes can attest.  Fortunately – this couple is both beautiful and gorgeous inside as well – a much more rare feature but one that is praised beyond the physical attributes.  So as you viewed the photo gallery – it was easy to be drawn to the visuals.  The day was perfect – the farm was in bloom from every direction – the bride looked stunning in her gown – the groom with his suspenders gave a fanciful touch to the event…..and….Charlie at Blue Vinyl Creative created some stunning art work.

But….to hear the words – see the reactions – listen to the quiver in the voices – see the wind blow in the trees – you can feel as though you were there when you watch a video.  Hampton Road Studios filmed the video for Kaitlynn and Brennan.  They are visual storytellers – they bring to life the memories of the day.  They have graciously shared their video with us and you today.  Grab your hanky and be prepared for a cry – and a maybe a laugh.  Jump back and time and enjoy a taste of the day – the special day of Kaitlynn and Brennan.

How fortunate we are to have been a part of that day – to see and hear such a testimony of love.  It has been stated (by A.J. Jacobs) that “Unconditional love is an illogical notion, but such a great and powerful one.”   Often logic is best tossed aside and we relish in the supernatural – of two souls becoming one….and we – are fortunate to be witnesses of two committed hearts vowing love to each other.

We are so tickled to have had Hampton Road Studios (Matt and Ashley) back to the farm again.  They are the talented artists who created our “Intro Video” several years ago.  They are a sweet and endearing couple themselves that we enjoyed getting to know a bit and now we are excited that they have moved from Alabama to “10 minutes down the road” …so are hopes is that they will be visiting the farm more often.  I will include the intro video here so you can see it too.  Many things have changed since then….it is rather nostalgic just to watch it myself now.  We have added the Dance Hall – more trees and gardens – many new features actually -so in some ways, the intro needs to be revised and updated.  But….as storytellers – you can see how well they treated us and our “new farm wedding venture” clip.  It feels as though they were able to touch the heart of our business – our intent.

I cannot say enough nice things about Hampton Road Studios.  They are on our Vendor Suggestion Page and we know you will be pleased with their services.  From a wedding expert (and….I can call myself a wedding expert now – right?…..), I will say that you get your monies worth when you acquire a professional videographer and have your wedding day captured “in motion – with sound”….it brings back the moments (and often refreshes your memories) unlike digital photographs can…so if you can swing it in your budget – I highly recommend it!                                                              ~ Margie