As We Enter Year Three – We  Present Our Logo


   January 2011….we hit the ground running as we first began this venture of hosting weddings here at the farm.  Our project to-do list was long as we new that priority one was transforming our facility from a traditional farm to a wedding venue.
   Along with the many logistics of mucking out the barn and adding electricity were the Business 101 type issues that any new small business has to deal with.  Creating a name, a website, a facebook page, corporate filings, signage, advertisements, etc. all come at you at break-neck speed.
   Much of what we have done here to start this business has been by our own hands, with our own resources, with our own decor, with our own perennials, with our own sweat, and our own ideas, Fortunately for us, we had wonderful pictures from my daughter Jill’s wedding to help us with those early presentations – early advertisements – an early wedding fair – and our early website layout.
   Each month that has gone by – each wedding that we have hosted – we have learned and even evolved.  We admittedly had simple expectations for this new venture but as the interest grew – we saw the possibilities that could come from some additional improvements.  We have added many improvements since our first wedding on May 1, 2011….a dance floor/foyer addition, a stone patio, a caterer’s room, additional doors, outdoor lighting, a driveway loop, a grooms room, and more. 
   As we enter year three, we have another to do list that we are anxious to complete.  One feature that Jill and I have talked about for quite some time is the desire to create a logo for our business.  A proper logo is the face of your company – the calling card that people will first see when learning about us so it is very important that we select the right one.  The time was right to address this project.
   Like most things, I made the effort to tackle this project myself.  I played with all sorts of options but nothing was quite clicking.  I knew that I would know it   if I saw it but I was struggling with the design.  There are times when you know that seeking out a professional is your best solution and indeed in this situation I conceded that I needed help.  My first choice was one of our photographers that frequents our weddings….Charlie Gann at Blue Vinyl Creative Photography. 
   Charlie’s photography has a very vintage feel to it so I knew that we were in the same mood with our businesses….besides that Charlie is known for his marketing skills with his “day job.”  I contacted him and we began the conversation – the long conversation of trying to define who we are – what we want to portray to our customers and then how best to present that.  Those questions are not that easy to nail down.  Many times as we discussed this one issue, I would have trouble narrowing down the focus.   Our farm – our business – is more of a story than it is a word.  It is more of a collage than it is a picture.  It is more of a mood than it is a category. 
   Somehow we wanted to show the rustic – the weathered authentic side of our venue.  This aspect alone separates us from other venues. We also wanted to make sure we steered away from a Hokie Pokie Cowboy look because though we are a barn – we aren’t a Honkie-Tonk Country Western sort of place. We also wanted to include a bit of style somehow either with a font choice or with some embellishments to demonstrate that we are mixing the two worlds – the rustic with the glamor that comes from any wedding.
   So  the logo is now presented and you will begin to see it in many different places as we move forward this year.  Look for it and as you do…hopefully it will indeed bring an interesting story for you to remember or a collage of images to your mind, or just make you fe lots of different and unique pictures into y our head as you reflect on your experiences with The Barn at High Point Farms.