And…the Rains Came

   As I speak, there is a couple having a delightful time with a barn full of their closest friends and family. The barn is decorated from one end to the next  in the cutest hints of burlap and flowers and books – this and that, perfect little touches that reflect this specific couple.  Food is being served and musicians are entertaining young and old.  But, as I update this blog – the rains have come down – thunder rumbling a bit – and the clouds have set in.
    That said – there is wonderful news!  The barn has doors on all sides that now can close up so that the guests and the food and the decorations can all be safe and the reception can continue.  That said – inside the barn looks amazing at night with the glow of the twinkle lights criss-crossing the hayloft.  That said – they  were very fortunate to have good weather earlier so that they did their prep, they set up their outdoor under the grove seating, decorated with shepherds crooks and such…and the wedding took place as planned…right at 6 p.m….all was dry and the air was crisp and the lighting was great for all of the photos.  Speaking of photos, Soli Photography is here and they were quick on their feet and got a slew of good photos from one end of the farm to the other…plenty before the ceremony and during and even afterwards…….  It was then……after the ceremony that the ensuing rains began.
   So….we get to claim another rain free wedding and we are pleased that the inside preparations that we made over the winter will be sufficient to carry on a wonderful celebration here tonight at High Point Farms – despite the weather.  And – let me tell you….knowing that they are dry…knowing that the wind isn’t an issue inside – knowing that they are all seated to a wonderful reception full of good food and fellowship – knowing that it looks cute and well decorated inside – that said………….it is a neat sound to hear raindrops on barn tin.  Sure….if I had a magic wand I would whisk away any rain….but you make the best of what you have…and right now…it looks like things are turning out wonderfully….despite the rain.  Guests will remember this day…partly from the unique venue which is new to all of the….partly because Carly and her now husband look to be a deliriously happy and beautiful couple…..and yes – partly because of the rain.  But – it will be a good memory and  a neat place to be when it rains.
   Here are a few pictures that I took earlier….but of course…I am anxious to see the good ones from Soli – she is an amazing photographer and with the beauty of a spring day here at the farm – things blooming and everything a neat shade of glowing green…plus Carly and Michael are an adorable couple – these photos will be amazing, I am quite confident.
   On a side note….this wedding was set up in the grove……with a slightly different angle than any previously…..slightly closer to the barn….with the chairs set up looking northeast…with the crest of High Point at their back….and the couple under the trees….anyway….with this slightly different angle…they were able to use the chairs – which is always a concern in the grove because of the varying slopes…but noting this may be of benefit to future brides as they mull over which location suits them best for the ceremony lay out. 
   That it for now….G’night.
Shepherds crooks mason jars barn wedding georgia

Farm wedding burlap down aisle barn wedding

   They moved the haywagon near the barn so that their musicians could set up on it. They hung freshly cut dogwood branches from the tree to give a natural floral backdrop. Burlap material was laid down for an aisle pathway. Shepherds crooks adorned with flower filled mason jars bordered each aisle.
Wedding log rounds barn

Barn Reception Farm Wedding Georgia Tennessee Alabama


   They set up a very cute photo booth in one of the stalls.
outdoor wedding farm venue barn Georgia