Abby and Matthew – Photos shared by Eden Luquire Photography

Ahhhhh, what a picture!  The couple are both gorgeous (inside and out, I might add) with good looks abounding.  Their love and passion for each other is evident in almost every picture you see of them together.  This right off the bat will make it much easier for any photographer to have a successful photo op.  But, it doesn’t end there.

Here at the farm, we continue to strive and create photo ops around every corner.  Much of this is contributed purely by nature and we are so fortunate to live in the beautiful valley and farm that we do.  The wisteria vines encroach upon the row of trees alongside the driveway but this alone not only provides desirable shade for those earlier photos but it creates such an amazing contrast of foliage colors and textures.  A good photographer sees this and can capture it.

There are also hidden treasures all over the farm and venue area.  A good photographer will find them and utilize them.  It is part of what makes a good photographer a great one.  It is what turns a great shot into a portrait or a work of art.  Just look these below – I could see putting any of these as a canvas picture in my home.

Even hanging the gown is a choice.  We have seen it in each barn doorway that we have (and we have 13 doors to the barn). We have seen them hanging on the green bean trellis of the garden, in the doorway to the Man Cave (Grooms Room), hanging in a pear tree, hanging in front of the old chicken coop, and all sorts of place in and around the farmhouse.  It really becomes fun just to see what the photographer is drawn to.  Isn’t it neat that you can see the  cow in the reflection of the mirror?  Of course, it is only here at High Point Farms that a bride wants to see a cow reflection – LOL!  Also…..are we the only venue where the restroom gets a lot of photos?  How cool is that?

Beyond the landscape and backdrops – it is ultimately important that the bride and her crew are photoed well and her day journaled visually.   This means choices of backdrop – light angles – camera lens – positioning of your subject – and much more.

Then finally – we are always always grateful when the bride and photographer share their photos with us.  We do give the credit where credit is due but we love love love to see the photos.  They certainly help us look good and as a small business – we appreciate the networking and reviews.  It is wonderful to see all of the extras too – those “detail” pictures that are above and beyond the norm….that are also appreciated.  Okay – I have a sign fetish! (along with my chair, rag curtain, distressing, turquoise, vintage plates, and antique fetishes…..)

You know that famous cliche’ – “The Devil is in the details”?  I actually think that often times the beauty is in the details too.

So thank you Abby and Matthew for sharing your date with us.  We celebrate your love and look forward to your visits to the farm again.