A Video Clip Introduction to The Barn at High Point Farms

   Most of you are aware that we have added a video intro to our website.  If not, I will attached it at the bottom for your ease of viewing.  I wanted to take this opportunity to not only tell you about the video but the company who created it for us.
   First, a bit about what led up to us requesting this video. We know that picking out a location for your wedding is priority number #2 (behind picking the right guy, of course). The venue you choose says a lot about you and will set the tone for your entire wedding.  The Barn at High Point Farms is definitely a unique venue and forming a website is critical so that you can showcase your features – your assets.  We have been so fortunate in the ability to use great photos from a slew of talented photographers. They have been able to capture some of the beauty that surrounds us daily but is difficult to describe in a few sentences on a website. 
   Many of our brides are coming from distant locations.  The Atlanta metro area is a big draw but we have brides coming from Charlotte, Augusta, Macon, Knoxville, and more.  We have brides who are originally from the Chattanooga/North Georgia area but because we are a new venue – they do not know about us. Some of these brides are off at college, on military bases beyond, or working out of state. We get calls from Las Vegas, Seattle, and more – of brides who want to “come homeward” to get married but need to try to make their plans while still away.  This again highlights to us the need to be able to tell our story with as much clarity and with as many pictures as we possibly can. 
   Pictures don’t always give you the flow of the property though which led us to pondering the whole “video” idea.  Then comes a phone call from a cinematographer (Matt and Ashley) who wanted to come take a visit to our venue.  We arranged a visit and a tour. A target date was set to come do the video. We wanted them to come on a wedding day.  Not so much to take a video of somebody’s particular wedding but to be able to showcase the place “on game day” so they can visualize the place “in our Sunday clothes” per say.  Ashley and Matt talked with us awhile about how to approach this. They wanted to know what made us special, what we offered – in essence “what was our story”….for I think that is how they approach filming a wedding. They want to not just take pictures but tell a story so that when you are through – you feel like you know the place or the people.
   Here is a write up about them that I requested of them: 

Who are you?We are visual storytellers. We capture and create your story using cinematography and sound, then we sit down in the studio and craft the images and words to tell your story. But simply put, we’re just Matt and Ashley. I’ve heard of videography, but what exactly is cinematography?Wedding videography is typically used to describe simply documenting the events of the day. However, wedding cinematography describes capturing the story of the day in an artful way. Our highlights and feature films, feel like a movie of your wedding. Each film is different and unique to that bride and groom, because everyone’s story is different.

Do couples need a photographer and videographer?Yes! We always say, there are photo moments and video moments. A photograph captures the look a groom has when he sees his bride for the first time. A video captures him saying “Oh My!” and her spinning around so he can get a good look. Without video, you miss the words and motion of the day. Years from now, you want to still hear your vows and your daddy tell you you’re beautiful. Also, the day goes by so fast and is a blur. We’ve had couples tell us “I don’t even remember saying that.”What if couple’s aren’t comfortable with a cameras in their and their guest’s faces?Our couples are always impressed at the moments we capture without them even noticing us. A guest recently called us “videographer ninjas”. We take that as a compliment! We also guarantee we will not have a video light shining from our camera into your face and we will not stick our camera right in your guest’s face.

How do couples learn more about you?Visit our website (www.hamptonroadstudios.com) and watch our work. Then call or email us to see if we are available.

   And, on a personal note – it was very easy and comfortable working with Matt and Ashley. They are a happily married husband and wife duo…… and yes..yes – they were very professional but beyond that they were easy to talk to and to relate to.  And while a wedding was going on here – they were very cautious not to be the center of any attention…..keeping at a distance and being very respectful of the importance of the ceremony taking place and knowing their role in it.  I couldn’t have been more pleased with how they conducted themselves, and by the end product that  was presented to us.  The music selection was great and I felt like it captured the essence of our farm and who we are and what we are trying to offer and accomplish here at the farm.  I do give my wholehearted “Good Housekeeping Seal of Approval” for this vendor and encourage you to consider this priceless option.  I so look forward to them coming out again – this time to tell a story about you.