A Successful Year Culminates in Our Own Family Wedding

   I have failed to post much on my blog as of lately. Our first year of business has been  much more successful than either Jill or I had anticipated – but that is a good thing!  We are so excited that you brides have affirmed this business venture – this adventure – as I should really call it. 
   From Christmas Holidays 2010 when our barn was full of horses, our orphaned cow, a new batch of 18 baby goats being born during that sub-zero snowy December week, plus our herd of goats……..from then – deciding to jump with this idea that we had batted around….to going gung-ho into making a project list – a very  long to do list – to deciding on a name – and digging through our mad money to begin the projects – to creating a contract and filing online LLC corporation legal stuff – to creating a website – to begin setting out our proverbial “open for business” banner………..we have made it through our first years worth of customers…..100% rain free, I might add!
   I feel like I could write a book already on our experience.  It has been a twisted path of finding our way – discovering how to make this our own – as well as knowing when to rein in our creativity so not to spend too much or to do too much. As each bride came, there were new ideas on what might work, what would be helpful, options we could provide, options that the brides suggested, and tweaks here and there.  Yet – with each bride came and each event past – we were amazed to see how each ceremony took on its own look…as it should.  We tout that we are not a cookie-cutter venue and this too was affirmed as we have had themes from vintage to earthy to elegant to shabby chic to a hoe-down…..and all of them were amazing to see and experience.  Our twelve brides have been a wonderful initiation and we feel as though they are somehow more than customers but somehow they have been our guests. 
   My hat is off to all of the amazing photographers who have come and captured the essence of our farm as well as created bits of art for their customers.  We are honored to have these photos adorn our website…you have helped to portray us well – thank you.
   As the year ends – we will be hosting our own wedding here at High Point Farms. As Jill – the oldest daughter was married here on the farm back in 2005, now too is my second daughter Heather going to be married here this weekend.  I feel as though I have been practicing all year for this event but this time – I get to do it all!  I have been anxious to pull out all of this mixed vintage china that I have collected for some time now. I have a storage room full of old wooden boxes, milk glasses, weather vanes, vintage hankies, and such….and with autumn at its peak, I am anxious to gather gems from nature – like muscadine vines, magnolia leaves, sweet gum balls, poppy seed heads, and such. This event will celebrate a glorious union of Heather and her fiance’ Madison – whom we are so happy and pleased to have join our family.  We will have our closest friends and family here to share this grand memory as well as to experience first hand our new adventure in which they have all heard so much about.  The weather looks grand and my list is almost completed, but I did want to take the time to same thank you for being a part of this wonderful experience. 
    We have projects lined up for this winter – to be completed prior to our Spring season. We have already booked 17+ events for next year so the wild ride continues.  Keep checking back here to my blog – please feel free to leave a comment or two….and stay in touch also on our facebook page. We relish your networking to your friends and your feedback to help us better serve you.