A New Trend


  We have many of our brides who are opting to add our Vintage China Collection Package to their special day. You can see by the photo how elegant the presentation is – the whole marrying of the rustic barn and  (as shown here) the barn wood tables with the beauty of the old vintage china.  It becomes part of the overall presentation as well as raises the level of your event by letting your guest eat off of real plates – plus the charm of these old vintage patterns are just stunning.
  But – we have seen a new trend which I am enamored by – it is to serve your food “family dining style” instead of  style.  What this entails is setting out your china on the tables and then having your food put into vintage bowls and platters placed at each table. Your guests pass around the food thus the term “family dining style”.
  This eliminates all of the back and forth from the tables to the buffet room.  It also encourages more conversation at the tables.  It becomes a complete package.  We have seen this done several times now and we are now getting more requests for the extended package – which includes my vintage platters of all sizes, vintage bowls, and even having tea cups available for those who wish to have coffee with their desserts. 
   When it comes to desserts – we still see the dessert smorgasbord being a very popular crowd pleaser…in the same way that our brides like choices – so do your guests.  Some of the weddings have the guests find their way to the dessert table that often has not only a variety of cakes and cupcakes – but pies and cake balls, cookies and fudge – even a candy bar. Some of the weddings have the desserts already placed on the vintage dessert plates – and then have servers walk around offering a variety of choices – while their guests are still at their tables.  It is like fine dining at a high end restaurant.
  It is just fun to see the variety of approaches but I will say that I do like this one (family style dining).  It makes it an intimate affair to be seated at the table passing around food – it makes it feel like you are seated with family.  I love to see the ladies admiring my old plates and such….I have quite a fetish with these plates. They have been acquired from a variety of trips from estate sales, to thrift stores, to antique shops, and ebay.  I have many people tell me when they sell me a few pieces that “my mother would be so tickled to know that these plates will be enjoyed by so many at a wedding!”….These patterns are so beautiful that it makes it difficult to pick my favorites. It is a labor intensive Add On but it pleases me to make them available to you and to see the reaction of your guests as they feel like they have been treated to a very special occasion – as they should feel!
  Here is a gallery of my favorites from the platter and bowl collection.