A Bit of Multi-Cultural, A Bit International, A Bunch of Love (Photos from Kelly & Ken by Cooper and Co. Photography)

Unique weddings happen quite often here at the farm.  Some are high flutin’ and some are simple….some have a Bohemian flair and others are very elegant and chic…..some have 200 guests while some are intimate with 50……some have guests who are mainly local and some have guests from all corners of the world.  Ken and Kelly’s wedding certainly stands out in unique ways even beyond what we have seen before.

The two met while in college here in Georgia.  Ken’s parents are from Africa and have lived in Georgia now for quite some time.  The barn held guests with such diversity – many guest had flown over from Africa just for this occasion…..family on both sides of the aisle were intent in coming and showing support for this couple.  Maybe on the surface it looks as though this couple has many differences but just the opposite is true.  Faith – family – and love…..all the essentials were there…..and more.

There was such attention to detail at this wedding.  Turquoise painted bottles, antiques and heirlooms, peach and turquoise hints of color added here and there, varying shades of turquoise dresses, a hanging chandelier for the ceremony, hand-painted table numbers, cutesy straws, window pane seat assignments, and more.

Of course she had bridesmaids and him with groomsmen.  Yes – the men were all very dapper (so smart to let the groomsmen not have their jackets) and the women gorgeous (love, love the varying shades of colors of her bridesmaids dresses)….but what a solid group of friends Ken and Kelly have!  During the toasts, it was full of laughs and lots and lots of praise for the character of both of them.  What a rare thing to have such a support system to begin their new life together.

Oh, let me mention the cake.  Kudos, major kudos to Sugar Chic Bakery!  Wow…..what a beauty – how stunning.   I don’t think I have seen one quite like it before.  I didn’t get a taste of it – it must’ve been truly amazing taste wise too for it was all consumed.  I inserted this photo on a large scale so you can see it close up – and get amazed….and salivate.

shades of turquoise wedding cake, barn wedding,Photos by CooperandCoPhotography.com



The bride and groom were all game with pictures.  If Kelly wasn’t a model prior to coming to the farm – she should become one…and even Ken seemed to take naturally to all of this posing.  Maybe he just shines around Kelly.

And the families – oh what fun they were.  I went up and asked Ken’s dad, “So….have you ever been to a barn wedding before?” to which he replied, “Indeed –  weddings in my country (*** and so sorry that I cannot remember which country he said) most of the weddings are barn weddings.”  Of course I was so surprised….for I was just so positive that this whole farm wedding thing…in the barn reception thing…..was SO foreign to him…but NO!  He said, “Barns are the largest buildings so naturally they would host weddings.”  So – no fret – no sweat….they were having a delightful time.  Kelly even changed towards late evening into the traditional garb of her husband’s family…..and cut the rug on the dance floor.  Two families had become one.

Their photographer, Sonja with Cooper and Co. Photographers was new to the farm.  She was on cloud nine from the moment she arrived till she left at the nights end.  She told me, “I feel like I hit the lottery!”  She was so excited about shooting here at the farm and having this amazing multi-cultural and international flair wedding shoot.  She remarked how easy it was to photograph Kelly…..”she makes it easy for me…..she knows how to pose and change angles.”  And shoot she did.  She was so generous in sharing the gallery with us…many many detail shots.


So the night ended….as they do…..but this group – we just knew that they were one of the special ones.  Kelly and Ken – I hope you come to the farm again.  Grab your photographer again, visit the farm, and take those maternity photos when the time comes!…..we would so love to see you guys again and I hope you know how blessed we were to have you part of farm history!                                                                                                               ~Margie