A Beautiful Day to Ride

What a beautiful day – beautiful week!  The sky seems bluer than before and there is a bit of crispness in the air.  Fall is a-coming – it surely is.  One tell-tell sign that fall is here – the horses are pulled out from the pasture – saddles dusted off – and horseback riding is again on the agenda.  This photo is of Jill’s three children sitting atop Beau – the black gelding, and Peanut Butter – the pony.


We are actually in the process of teaching Peanut Butter to follow Beau while having a lead rope attached to Beau.  Looks simple enough but there is such an art – both the follower and the leader.  Fortunately, Beau is taking it all in strides and doesn’t seem to mind having Peanut Butter so close to his side – even with children laughing or yelling.

This photo (above) doesn’t have great lighting – at least for Jill.  But I include it because it is one of those pictures where I can almost shut my eyes – and see this photo transformed into a memory from about 25 years ago.  I was big into horses.  I almost didn’t see a horse that I didn’t like or let come stay at the farm.  Each of my three kids had their own horses and riding was an integral part of our lives.  Playing hide and go seek while on horseback running through the woods……..having our horses paw ferociously while standing in the creek, getting themselves cooled off and splashing our entire bodies in the process……….standing up on the back of my horse so we can shimmy up a tree to shake out the persimmons….4H Horse Club…..having your horse want you at their side when they delivery their foal…………and more and more……wonderful memories with our horses. I can picture myself standing there hanging onto the bridal with my three kids, Jill – Heather – Jeremy, on horseback.  Wow….life circles around doesn’t it?


We’ve always had horses around – love their beauty and their personalities.   Let me share a few with you.

And for those who might notice – the horse shown above is Lady – who was my horse of choice.  This photo shows Lady in her prime – a fun and sometimes crazy ride but always lively.  Lady is still with us but she is very aged and half blind.  She does stay in the field and will still often go greet the wedding guests.  She will live out her life here on the farm – she deserves that – and she may even show up in a photo now in then to earn her keep.  She still is a beautiful girl and I will remember her this way.                                     ~ Margie