2018 Freebie Stash Update

During each winter, we go through our Freebie Stash and access what is left, what we want to keep, and what we want to replace.  Let me give you a bit of a sampling.

First off – note that we have moved all of the freebie decor into the old supply room (door on the far right in this photo).  This keeps the items in one spot and avoids sharing room with the caterers.


We do have a slew of chalkboard signs of varying sorts and kinds.  Many of the signs have been pre-written but there are still quite a few that are blank so that you can write your own.  Be sure to be careful so not to wipe off the pre-written signs.  For any blank sign, be sure not to use permanent chalk markers for these so that the chalkboard signs will be available for the next bride to use.

The items are boxed, crated, and labeled for easy identification and organization.

I have added lots of varying sizes of clear glassware – bottles and jars.  See how easy it is to arrange them.  All this needs is some flowers.

I also have an array of green glassware and bottles too……varying sizes.  Both the clear and the green bottles are neutrals so can easily go with whatever color theme you are going.

We have all sorts of varieties of votives too.  There are so many ways to mix and match these items.


Hanging wide mouth mason jars, an assortment of lanterns, mini logs and log rounds……be sure to check your Bridal Survival Guide for a detailed list.

~ Margie