On some days – depending on availability – we offer a 2-Day Option “Add-On” to the original Basic Event Wedding Package which includes:

  • Staying at Mimi’s Guest House the night of the Rehearsal – Rehearsal Dinner. (Limit 8)
  • Using the venue from 5-10 p.m. for a Rehearsal – Rehearsal Dinner.  (Limit 50 guests)
  • We set up the tables (and lightly decorate them) in the Dance hall for your dinner.
  • You utilize whatever vendors you like.
  • We clean up your event at night’s end.
  • Wedding day you still have use of the Guest house.
  • Wedding day you have access to Farmhouse and our Barn beginning at 8 a.m. instead of noon.
  • Wedding night you stay at Mimi’s Guest house again and check out the following morning.

(*Note: Extras such as vintage china package and bonfire are samples of extra options that can be included for an additional fee.)



  • This allows you to unload and unpack in one location.
  • Finding a separate venue for your rehearsal dinner is often difficult.
  • It allows you rehearsal time.
  • It allows you to unload non-perishables like decor, drinks, and dresses prior to wedding day.
  • We utilize the dance hall which is air-conditioned and beautiful in its own right.
  • The decorated dance hall will not compete with your wedding day reception theme.
  • We allow options for even this night such as vintage china or bonfire.
  • No rush and panic of motel check outs to get to the venue on wedding day.
  • We add in 4 hours of prep time to your wedding day timeline as a bonus. ($400 value)
  • Decorating can be achieved early in the day leaving all afternoon for full prepping or photos.
  • Alleviates any fears of a demanding timeline.
  • Provides an easy and convenient stay after a long day of prepping and celebrating.


**Contact us for pricing and guidelines.