Let High Point Farms Decorate For You

As you look around the farm, you see the special little touches of decor that help create that rustic and homey feel from the moment you step foot onto our property. Whether it is our flower filled wheelbarrow, our wide array of unique signage, or our vintage treasures around every corner….we have helped to set the mood for you and your guests before they even sit in their seats!

I have entertained here at the farm and barn for many years. Two of my daughters have been married here at the farm so I have become the resident decorator. I, too, pick up new ideas as I have a front row seat of weddings each week.   If you like what you see – feel free to consult  with me about handling your decorating. We can have the venue primped and ready for you to arrive – with the tables adorned with your preferred decor and that theme carried  out throughout the venue area.  If you like what you see and want to be free of the details but “love the look” let me take care of the details for you.  


It Begins With A Conversation…………

Email me (Margie) at   highpointfarms@gmail.com to let me know you are interested so I can check my availability and give you a general quote.  I chat, swap Pinterest boards so I can visually see your style, and then we begin discussing options.   We can handle all of your flowers needs  from table decor to bouquets by using our own farm flowers or I can work in conjunction with your florists if you want so the bouquets have unity with the reception flowers.

Check out our Pinterest Page


TWO –  Decorating Approaches

The Dazzle Approach is decorating all aspects of your wedding layout and weaving your theme in areas like the welcome/sign in area…..adding decor and signs and touches of detail from the moment your guests walk onto the property.

While you bring your own personal “Sign-In” …I decorate around it and weave the theme even here with decor of all sorts and signage.

Ceremony area and reception areas – all unique and with many choices and options – in theme, in the types of flowers used, and in embellishments.

And it doesn’t stop there.  There are cute seating areas to make, displaying a special photo table, adding pizazz to your cake area, or displaying your favors. It is creating special touches all around and inside the barn – giving detail to your event with thought and purpose with signs and with decor….to dazzle it all!

Each aspect of your layout becomes unique to your own style.  I listen to what you say, give you suggestions and ideas, come up with a game plan and a quote, and then keep you posted throughout the process. What style are you?  Maybe you don’t even know.  Be sure to check out my pinterest page to help with inspiration.  I have decor to fit most styles.  Once we converse and I hear and see your initial ideas of what you have in mind, I give you a price range and we go from there.  I can tighten the budget a bit or embellish along the way, but I keep you informed so you can keep your budget in tack.

Point is, the Dazzle approach has many many details and deals with a full-fledge approach to your event.  Bouquets are not included but can be discussed as an extra aspect to your over-all needs but initially concentrates and the slew of details that encompass an embellished event.



Beauty and simplicity do blend together – just look at our simple barn and the charm that it has. If you are on a tight budget or maybe you just would prefer spending your money in other areas, or want a very easy simple approach to your wedding day – consider this option.  We use very simple decor for the tables (mostly from our freebie section in the barn) and make the most of it with accents of flowers and greenery, often from our own gardens.  We order your linens, set your tables, and add flowers (of varying choices) in the ceremony area too.  No embellishing, no fuss, no extravaganza…simplicity at its finest.  A conversation about your budget, your flower choices, your quantities, and whether you want to add bouquets too – or not.  The arrangements can be simple or bonafide arrangements (see below) – point is…the Simplicity Approach narrows the decorating aspect mainly to flowers (i.e. the tables and the ceremony area and even bouquets if you like). We know how to stretch a budget and can help give you ideas and choices – even in this category. 


 High Point Farms is a flower farm now too.  What began our love for flowers and gardens was passed down from generation to generation with trees, bushes, and flowers grown here on the farm that are not only heirloom plants but ones that came from my grandmother’s home and more from my mother.

As our flower selections have morphed into this flower farm in essence, we have often utilized our own selection while decorating.  Some brides have requested that we make bouquets for them as well – embracing the natural and more organic approach for wedding flowers (though we can purchase flowers too). We do have some amazing florists on our Vendor Suggestion Page, but we are happy to consult with you about handling your bouquet needs as well.