The Old Farmhouse is our Bridal Prep House


the old farmhouse sits humbly at the end of the gravel driveway. Her journey has been long and the appreciation of her simple architecture and her many birthdays has finally come full circle. She was built a few years before the Civil War and her life has been a simple one as she has been a home for many-a farmer’s family throughout her 160+ years. After years of use and frankly, some abuse and neglect – she is finally hitting her stride again. Her renovations have been as authentic as possible – keeping as many of her aged boards, floors and features as possible. Her beauty and even her imperfections are contributing to making the most amazing photographs – more so than I could ever have imagined.

Our brides will have access to this house until 8 p.m. giving them plenty of room and time to prepare.

the fact that the farmhouse is a real house – a real old vintage house is a huge plus. You just can’t fake some things. So, her old weathered wood and burnt orange bricked columns just permeate the fact that something beautiful and good lasts…and what better way to symbolize a new marriage but to couple it with a place in time that shows the longevity of a timeless symbol of family and love – an old farmhouse.