Our Barn Venue

Our large pole barn is adorned with old weathered wood. There are interesting doors on all sides spilling out to scenic areas in all directions. Lots of unique doors mean ease of access for your guests, plenty of air flow, the ability to close some or all of them if the weather demands, and of course the option of unique photo ops as all of our doors exude character and provide contrast.  One key element about our venue that separates us from so many of our competitors is all of our trees that surround our barn and facility which not only translates to beauty but to shade.

exceptional night shot


There is a 360 degree access to the barn and on all sides – these funky and unique doors make for some great photo opportunities.


Inside The Barn

Our barn was a real authentic barn with many different farm animals, at one time. Animals are no longer allowed in this barn, but several of the stalls remain – now converted into various and unique ways to suit the needs of our guests. A loft stacked with hay encircles the open area of the barn. The slats and worn wood boards give a hue throughout the inside of the barn making it feel genuine and inviting. The lights are strewn from side to side, high in the loft area, which sets the romantic mood instantly. Large white curtains are hung in many of the doorways. Our unique chandelier hangs over the dance floor and vintage windows are set high in the foyer to allow natural light to venture in. We invite you to enjoy our barn wedding venue.


Every detail and every angle is a photo opportunity. We have given thought to each section of the barn, adding some primitive decor, creating a wall of hanging bottles or a wall of windows, adding a convenient and thematic buffet room and a lounge, providing restroom facilities, added available electrical outlets, and much more. Tables and chairs are provided, plus we have a interesting line up of usable decor items that we allow our brides to use in various ways and places; like some vintage tables, vintage church pews, our hay wagon, large whiskey barrel bar, our red hot cast iron bathtub, and even more.

The Dance Hall

Adjoining the original barn is a large temperature-controlled room called The Dance Hall.  Windows on all sides – lights strung – and a one-of-a-kind mason jar chandelier… It allows you to dance the night away in comfort and it provides a magical spot for your first dance.

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