Mimi’s Guest House

Mimi’s Guest House is a large home on-site that is available to our brides to rent out either for lodging or for just “day of usage.”

Day Of Usage Only

While the bride does have the Bridal Suite in the old Farmhouse to prep in and the guys have the Man Cave, there may still be interest in renting the Guest House just for the day.

Having the guest house just for the day opens up many possibilities from having larger spaces for prepping, a kitchen area to set up snacks for the bridal party, a TV room for the guys, rooms for the parents to change in, and more.  There is a crib in case there is a infant in the bridal party who would greatly benefit from an afternoon nap. Even elderly grandparents may want to retreat to the Guest House after being partied out sooner than some and this gives them a comfortable setting to chill in peace and quiet until the evening is done.

As you see – many reasons to rent just for the day.  Guest House would be available at noon with a full exit by 11:30 p.m.

On-Site Lodging

We do have a large Master Suite touting a king size bed and on-suite.  It is decorated cute enough to be a honeymoon suite but tame enough to be a great sleep for the parents.  Being able to close out the night at the barn and retreat a few steps away to the guest house is priceless after a long day that likely started before dawn.

In total, there is the Master Suite on the main floor plus 3 additional bedrooms downstairs each with queen sized beds….2 1/2 bathrooms, so you can sleep a total of 8 adults.  Depending on availability, some of the brides opt to have their over-night stay the day before the wedding either with family or with their bridesmaids as a Girls Sleepover which then leads into early prepping the following morning.

There are many advantages as you see.  We rent it in three different ways at difference prices; Day of Usage Only, Guest House Lodging Master Suite Only, and Guest House Lodging Full House.


The Story of the House

My parents purchased the farm in the mid-70’s initially hoping to renovate the old farmhouse but discovered too many issues and projects with it.  Plan B was to build this home which they did. Mimi was my mother’s endearing name used by her grandchildren but eventually was used by many since she was so hospitable and “grandmother-like” to all.  She was known for her passion for her family, her Lord, her flowers, and her cooking.  It was rare for somebody to visit the farm without being offered flower seeds, a meal, or to go to church with her on Sunday.  She could make a table spread of food on a moments notice no matter what she had in her pantry.  It was suggested not to ask her what all she put in her recipes but somehow it was always delicious.  She was a master at hospitality from the many years of experience.

Mimi passed on in late 2014.  Her house was so central to the venue area that guest lodging seemed to be the perfect idea and solution.  The original home was so typical 70’s with lots of walls and segregated rooms everywhere.  A renovation was badly needed to not only create a more open concept but to update it from an old lady’s house to a fun eclectic style that brides would adore.

The home is filled with much memorabilia, antiques, and her own artwork that help make it still feel like Mimi’s home even though it looks totally different.  With many family members living nearby, it was important to weave Mimi’s relics and collectibles throughout the house.  This house transformation was considered “therapy” as I kept alive my mother’s memory at the same time creating a vintage-inspired farmhouse out of a traditional home.  Infusing my collection of vintage turquoise dishes, adding a big old “very used” farmhouse sink, a mix of modern and retro furniture, plus many repurposed projects throughout the home has made it a unique and heart-felt project.

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